Atasha: The Goddess Arises

There are times when the girl’s eyes are her own. Rare, fleeting glimpses of the girl that once was. With every flame she casts, every word she speaks to spur her children onward, the goddess’s will burns brighter. Her eyes become burning beacons as the divine flame surrounds her. With every prayer whispered from the mouths of her children, the flames grow hotter. Like a raging fire, the goddess consumes her. The girl is lost. All that once was is turned to ash, and still the flame grows hotter. The girl forgets her own name, who she once was. The girl is no more. There is only Atasha.

All will be consumed.

As the goddess rages on the battlefield, striking down her enemies with the slightest flick of her wrist, her feet lift off the ground. Mere mortals tremble to behold her. Even the mighty Horen scatter at the sight of her. But the goddess has forgotten…her body is still mortal. Her face is of utter surprise as the blade enters her and blood spills onto the earth. But even then, she will not let the girl die. The girl’s body is in agony. For years, she has been burning from the inside, and now she has been stabbed and killed. But Atasha is not a merciful goddess. Like a phoenix, she rises from the ashes once more.