Beneath the Shattered Sky

“The Age of Man began in death, a cataclysm that destroyed the immortal realm, drowning the world in magic. For centuries, what was left of humanity roamed the wastes, beset by creatures primal and strange. Beneath the shattered sky, a thousand flags and a thousand cities reached into the clouds, only to sink once more beneath the ash. Dominion, empire, and barbarian horde may stand strong today, but it is only a matter of time before they too are consumed. For the Age of Man is over. Now it is a Dark Age, and there is no one left to save us…”

– The Chronicler

This world is one of rapid progress. Across the lands of Amaranth, civilization thrives and bursts at the seams. Each day nations come into conflict over land, politics, religion, and coin – a new war arising from the old any moment there is peace.

But there is a darkness gathering in the skies above Amaranth. It is the ash of an ancient forest, set alight by the armies of man. It is the shadow cast by the wings of valkryn, foul creatures that feed on the screams of the dying as well as their flesh. It is the black pus that fills the lungs of plague-stricken beggars. It is the dust rising from an empty grave. It is the creatures that lurk in shadows and it is something that even they fear.

Long ago, gods walked the continent of Amaranth, among mortals. Some raised mighty armies and fought to advance their own agendas. Others disguised themselves as beggars, using mischief to change the slow trickle of fate. Many operated in complete isolation, while others had mighty temples built in their honor and had cults of devoted followers.

For the most part, the gift of magic was reserved for the gods, both benign and malevolent, and for their Chosen, their priests and their priestesses. Mortal kingdoms, companies, and cutthroats survived only by allying themselves with the gods, each nation in many ways a cult, its rulers prophets. Protected by the divine, countless civilizations prospered – until Amaranth became a battleground for the Gods and a great adversary. Demons.

Unimaginable power on both sides, god and demon alike, led to catastrophic collateral damage, with little regard from god or demon for the fate of the mortals. It was not long before mankind decided to act. A weapon was built, designed to banish the immortal gods and demons and end their tyrannic reign on earth.

But man was young and foolish, and failed to understand.-

For now the world is changing, and there are none alive who can stop it. Humanity’s gods are lost to the eons, violently torn back to the heavens. The bridge lies shattered, severing the divine and mortal realms. Magic has taken root within mankind, and even those who fear it have come to rely on its power, as creatures rise from the depths to haunt humanity and bring about a new age of darkness.

The sins of the past have given birth to nightmares, and with every battle the gates that bind them shudder and weaken. It will not be long before darkness engulfs more than just the skies above Amaranth. An ancient power slowly awakens…