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profile3Bryce Raffle, at your service. I’m a Canadian fiction writer living in beautiful British Columbia. I studied English at the University of Manitoba, where I received a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in History. I also received the Dallas Taylor Memorial Prize for academic excellence in Creative Writing. I later studied Sound Design for Visual Media at Vancouver Film School, and had the opportunity to work on a number of films and video game projects.

Most recently, I worked on Ironclad Games’ Sins of a Dark Age, working as both sound designer and lead writer.

I’ve always been interested in storytelling. I’ve been exploring writing in a wide range of formats, including novels, short stories, comics & graphic novels, and video games. I am currently working on my debut novel, which combines the best of steampunk, horror, and adventure. Dead London is my first novel and the first in The Penny Dreadful series.


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